How to create duplicate content of a node using Node Clone Drupal Module.

How to create duplicate content of a node using Node Clone Drupal Module.

Posted byJibin Jose,3rd Feb 2017

For one of our E-commerce Based Drupal site having lots of Product need an option to Duplicate a particular product to make other products having similarities and only having a few changes inside the features except the rest. For this, there is a simple Drupal module which will help to create duplicate content without any custom coding.

The Drupal module helps in creating the content duplication is Node clone. The node clone having the features below.

The Node clone Drupal module allows users to make a copy of an existing item of site content (a node) and then edit that copy.

The Node clone Drupal module will allow ownership to the current user who is duplicating the content. Also, the menu and URL aliases are also getting reset while using the node clone module. The newly cloned content title will get altered with a text "Clone of" to remind the current user is editing the cloned content and not the original content.  

The Node clone modules also provide two mechanisms to clone current content. The default pre-populates the form for adding a new node, but nothing is saved to the DB until that form is submitted. With the alternative save/edit method, a copy of the current node is saved to the Database, and then presented in the edit form. When using the save/edit mode, the admin can set whether a confirmation screen is required, and in all cases, you can set whether to reset the publishing options on a per-content-type basis.