Social Media Links

Social Media Links

Posted byvarghese.t,1st Sep 2016

Social Media Links modules provides a configurable block that display links (icons) to your profiles on various popular networking sites. How to Install this Social Media Links module 1. Install as usual, see for further information. 2. The module has no special configuration. All settings are available in the block settings: /admin/structure/block/manage/social_media_links/social-media-links/configure

Social Media Links Included icon sets

The module contains a icon set, that the module is ready for use immediately after the installation. Currently, the Elegant Themes set [1] is included. This icon set is licensed under MIT and GPL 2.0. Thank, you guys! [1] We have TODO the following steps * Add documentation for the hooks to register new platforms and icon sets * Add more predefined icon sets. * Add libraries integration to include (external) icon sets. * Add tool to change the order of the platforms. * Add validation to check the entered usernames (404 return code status check)