01 Nov 2016

How to add an argument to a view pro grammatically in Drupal 7?

For  one of our drupal 7 Site need to pass the argument to the views programatically. The Drupal 7 contributed hook helps for the same. 

The below is a sample for adding the views argument programatically.

/** * Implement hooks_views_pre_view * */

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20 Oct 2016

How to enable Google reCaptcha in Drupal form.

To enable reCaptcha in Drupal we have to enable the reCapctcha module.


Type 'drush en -y recaptcha' on Terminal.


This will download and enable the recaptcha module and its dependencies such as Captcha module.



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03 Oct 2016

Drupal Commerce: How to remove Shipping pane on the checkout page via Rules?

In this article we will try to remove shipping pane on the checkout page via rules when non-shippabe product is added to the cart. To do so, initially we need to install and enable commerce_rules_extra module and make sure you have also enabled commerce_physical module. You need to enable this module before importing below rule.

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