09 Feb 2017

Configuration Update

Configuration Update Base: A base module providing functionality related to
  updating and computing differences between configuration versions. No
  user interface; used by other modules such as Features.

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07 Feb 2017

Create a Slideshow in Drupal8

For creating a slideshow in a drupal8, we need to install 'Views Slideshow' module and appropriate libraries also proper updations.

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03 Feb 2017

How to create duplicate content of a node using Node Clone Drupal Module.

For one of our E-commerce Based Drupal site having lots of Product need an option to Duplicate a particular product to make other products having similarities and only having a few changes inside the features except the rest. For this, there is a simple Drupal module which will help to create duplicate content without any custom coding.

The Drupal module helps in creating the content duplication is Node clone.

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01 Feb 2017

How to Export the Drupal Commerce Products inside a drupal site to a xls/csv File.

For one of our Drupal 7 Commerce sites having several products need to export data of those created products. For exporting those products, we first need to create a view containing the products and then export this view via Views data export into CSV/XLS file depends upon the file format we required.

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